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The Renji and Rukia Community
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Welcome to A Star and a Stray Dog, the Abarai Renji & Kuchiki Rukia Community, from the awesome anime/manga series Bleach. Its purpose is to serve as an archive and forum for discussion of the two, their relationship, and fanfiction or fanart of the pairing. Anything and everything RenRuki is welcome and loved!

Basic Rules
- This is a Renji/Rukia community. Please stay on topic: Renji/Rukia, Renji or Rukia. There shall be NO fics, fanart, or discussions about IchiRuki! Or RenRuki fics disguised as actual IchiRuki. It's not cute and it's not funny.
- Please be respectful and polite. Wank and flame, and the mod will eat you with a spork.
- One-lined newbie posts are more lovable when accompanied by relevant material.
- Please LJ-cut large images and large entries.
- Label mature content and spoiler content accordingly.
- If you post the works of others, do so with permission.
- Please include this format when posting fics.

Community Contests and/or Challenges
1. Renji/Rukia Summer Fun '06 (Completed). The winners are listed here.

2. Renji/Rukia Valentine's Day/White Day '07 (Completed). The winners are listed here.

3. Renji's Birthday Challenge '07 (Completed). The entries are listed here.

4. Renji/Rukia Holiday Exchange '07 (Completed). The entries are listed here.

5. Rukia's Birthday Challenge '08 (Completed). The entries are listed here.

6. Renji/Rukia Valentines Day Challenge '08 (Completed). The entries are listed here.

Renji/Rukia Links
Still the One (fanlisting)

Owner & Admin: Beck (yankeerose69)

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shunsui_nanao: The Shunsui/Nanao Community.
hitsuhina: The Hitsugaya/Hinamori Community.
byaku_hisa: The Byakuya/Hisana Community.
ken_yachiru: The Kenpachi/Yachiru Community.
ishihime: The Ishida/Orihime Community.
ichi_ruki: The Ichigo/Rukia Community.
ichi_tu: The Ichigo/Nel Tu Community.
bleach_het: The Bleach general heterosexual pairings community.

General Bleach Communities
soul_society: General Bleach Community.
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bleach_fact: Questions and requests here!
bleach_icons: The Bleach Icon Community.

Character Communities
rukia_fans: The Kuchiki Rukia Community.
tobiume_: The Hinamori Momo Community.
ukitake_fans: The Ukitake Community.
blademypride: The Ichigo Community.
kon_fans: The Kon Community.

Misc Communities
renruki_genres: RenRuki fic challenge Community.
bleach_doujin: Community for Bleach Doujinshis.
burimyu: Another for all your Bleach Musical needs.

If you'd like to be listed, feel free to contact Beck! yankeerose69 or beck21_77[at]yahoo[dot]com

If you have any comments or questions, please direct them to the administrator yankeerose69 (the most active mod on the comm) or beck21_77[at]yahoo[dot]com

Renji and Rukia are love!

by ramune_soda

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