maxcora (maxcora) wrote in renji_rukia,

Scan of Renji's profile in the movie pamphlet

Hi, I finally got the scan of the page with Renji's profile in the movie 4 pamphlet (I bought the pamphlet xD). This is the page (they could have put a better screenshot of Renji, btw XD):

The profile says the same that I wrote in the other entry. I'll write it again:

Renji Abarai
Thirteen Court Guard Squads – Sixth Division Lieutenant. Rough in word and deed but stronger than most when it comes to consideration for his allies. He is secretly in love with his childhood friend Rukia. Recognizes Ichigo’s abilities and considers him an equal. His Zanpakutou is Zabimaru. The Bankai is Hihiou Zabimaru.

So it's confirmed that they wrote that in the movie pamphlet.


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