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Renji's profile in the movie 4 brochure

I'd want to mention a notice that I've heard since the movie 4 got released the past weekend. I read this notice in various 2ch threads (the RenRuki thread and one for debating about the Bleach pairings) and I read it in the blog from the RenRuki artist Kurenainoinu too, who was to watch the movie and bought the brochure for it. It seems the notice it's true.

Well, it's about the description for Renji in the movie brochure. It's seems the characters had a profile about them in the brochure, and in Renji's one it says this (I got the text for his profile in 2ch. Someone wrote (in Japanese) the descriptions in the brochure for Ichigo, Ishida, Orihime, Rukia and Renji here: . I haven't been able of finding a scan of that part of the brochure, but if I find it I'll upload here for a confirmation of the notice) :

In Japanese

And I got it translated to English:

Renji Abarai
Thirteen Court Guard Squads – Sixth Division Lieutenant. Rough in word and deed but stronger than most when it comes to consideration for his allies. He is secretly in love with his childhood friend Rukia. Recognizes Ichigo’s abilities and considers him an equal. His Zanpakutou is Zabimaru. The Bankai is the Hihiou Zabimaru.

They have boldly written that Renji is in love with Rukia. I always thought of the omake that Tite Kubo drew for the Fade to Black movie as a confirmation of Renji's feelings for Rukia, so I think it's because of this the anime people can write so obviously now that Renji is in love with Rukia. What are your thoughts about this? Is this notice important for you in confirming Renji's feelings for Rukia?

Also, for the Fade to Black movie guide, Kentaro Ito had already said in his interview that Renji is in love with Rukia. I got that part translated too:

伊藤 : 惚れた相手なのに, 劇中では彼女の存在をコロツと忘れていますから. もうね

-Question: So, Renji did not only forget about Ichigo, but he forgets about Rukia as well?
Ito:  Even though she is the one he fell in love with, he totally forgets of her existence in the movie

He talks very clearly too about Renji's feelings.


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