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Birthday Challenge '07

I would just like to say that... I am not an original or particularly creative person. :D It's also my intention to draw all characters of legal and consenting age. /disclaimer

Prompt[s]: Lost for words, Food play?
Warning[s]: A little nekkid, but I've done worse. :D

See? Nothin' new.

Prompt[s]: Role play
Warning[s]: More nekkid, and flat out smut

Nope, still done before.

Prompt[s]: Our own world (wee... prompt stretching)
Warning[s]: Still nekkid xD

Sketch is here. Last year's version be here.

And this all art that was started before the challenges went up. :is shot:

I do have one more which was thought up while looking at the prompt list, but I need to finish inking, scan and then tone. Before Renji's b-day. :dies:
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