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Valentines Day challenge '09

Since I missed Rukia's birthday, I thought I'd make up for it by having another Valentine Day Challenge.

Copy and paste the code if you'd like to pimp this in your LJ.

If you want to keep with the theme on what they do in Japan in regards to Valentines Day, that's fine (the girl giving the boy chocolate). If you want to go with something else, that's fine too (meaning the guy/girl can give something to each other for the holiday).

  • You can post any time between the 28th of Jan till the 15th of Feb.

  • Can be in any media form: icons, fics, art, wallpaper, vids, etc.

  • This is not a contest and no prizes, just a challenge to get ppl more involved when they can on doing something for this pair.

  • Those that do participate, will be able to use the banner. But to only those that participate!

    Here are some prompts for those that need a boost. You don't have to use any of the prompts to participate. Whatever skills you are good at, have a go.

    1. Kisses
    2. Addicted to you
    3. Candy
    4. Blush
    5. Our own world
    6. Letter
    7. Satisfaction
    8. Memories
    9. Old Friends
    10. Youth
    11. Flowers

    Any questions, feel free to ask.

    Special thanx to salzraender for creating the art for the banner!
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